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    Elements Class Now 1/2 Price!!!
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Welcome to Crossfit Champions!

If you are someone that simply wants to be a better version of yourself, we have an amazing place for you!! We have team of very talented trainers that can help you do just that. We believe whole heartedly, that it can be done by anyone, at any level, at any point in your life. The trainers and community will work with you; teach you the proper way to move with out injury; give you nutritional advice; motivate you to push yourself into that better version you are looking for, and be with you the entire time. Feel free to contact us or come in to meet with us; see the gym; and talk about anything you want before committing. We are looking forward to working out with you!!


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Joey Carr owns and operates CrossFit Champions. That means he does it all—trains athletes, creates workouts, buys equipment, pays the bills, paints the walls, fixes the toilets...when it comes to taking care of the Box, Joey is on it! Mixing the heart-pounding, muscle-straining work of Crossfit with the mundane daily caretaking tasks may seem like drudgery, but Joey maintains a positive attitude.  That could be a product of his past.  A few years ago, he got the chance to swim around with a couple of wild dolphins. As they swam around in the ocean together, unbeknownst to Joey, the dollar bills he had in his pocket floated out…but his new dolphin buddies had his back. They retrieved the money and returned it to him! Sometimes “things” happen we can’t control, but Joey chooses to stay positive and things turn out.  He has been involved with Crossfit for 7 years and holds Level 2 Crossfit Certification. He has spent his life in athletic pursuits including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, boxing, and amateur cage fighting. Join Joey and all the coaches and athletes at Crossfit Champions for a positive new way to look at yourself!


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