“Give me your card,” the lady said. At first I wasn’t sure she was talking to me. My card?  “You are obviously a trainer; I need your card!” she said.  Wow! She thought I looked fit enough to be a personal trainer… WOO-HOO!! 

Affirmation; we all want a little bit of credit for the things we do. Sometimes it only takes a nod of the head or an “atta boy!” to give us the oomph! we need to keep going. Other times we’d like to hear or feel a little more appreciation. Looking in the mirror gives me that small affirmation—I do look better naked than I used to.

For the bigger effect, all I have to do is go to my box and workout. The coaches and the other athletes are all positive and supportive. If the WOD is rough, there’s someone there to help you finish it. I watched one of the long-time members at CFC jump in and perform Slamballs with another member who was having a tough time finishing the metcon for the day. She had already finished her workout, but her comrade had not – so she jumped in to help. THAT is affirmation.

As you know, my (80 year old) mother is working out now. She’s been at CFC for a little over a month and has felt like she is improving. Today, a new member showed up, younger than Mom but with less CrossFit experience. As they worked through the strength exercise and the metcon, Mom realized that she was performing better than this much younger woman. Affirmation.

The professionals who competed in the CrossFit Games this weekend, like other pro athletes, received monetary affirmation for their efforts. The audiences at the events also offered the athletes some appreciation with their cheers and applause. The athletes themselves affirmed their brothers and sisters with hugs and back-slaps, with high fives and handshakes.

And while I will likely never reach that level of fitness and performance ability, the very existence of those super-fit, dedicated athletes AFFIRMED my commitment to the CrossFit life. When there is a life habit that, with work and long-term commitment, leads to literally super-human ability, you should try to fall into it! 

Thinking about making my card…

Leslie Sellers, CrossFitter

Not a personal trainer, just looks like one!


I won’t give it to anyone…but I might just pull it out and get a little affirmation every once in a while!



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