• CrossFit Champions
    CrossFit Champions
  • Elements Class Now 1/2 Price!!!
    Elements Class Now 1/2 Price!!!
  • CrossFit Champions
    CrossFit Champions

Welcome to Crossfit Champions!

The 1st CrossFit Affiliate in the Houston Area! The 4th CrossFit Affiliate in the state of Texas! We have been instructing athletes in the CrossFit method of training since 2006. We’ve helped hundreds of people, just like you, from all ages, backgrounds and fitness levels get into the best shape of their entire lives. And we can help you too!


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  • CrossFit-topia
      There’s a group of folks I see regularly who really help me out. We get together for the same reason and work together...
    31 May 2016
  • It isn't Rocket Science...but Rocket Scientists love it!
      CrossFit is notorious for the simplicity of the exercises. So much of the WOD is functional movement—some action you...
    31 May 2016
  • It's a Love-Hate Relationship It's a Love-Hate Relationship
      “An atheist, a vegan and a crossfitter walk into a bar…I only know because they told everyone in the first two minutes!” So…Crossfit...
    31 May 2016
  • Getting Started
    FREE Week Trial Want to try us out and see if CrossFit training and our gym is right for you? No problem. We are happy to...
    13 February 2014
  • Who We Are
    The 1st CrossFit Affiliate in the Houston Area! The 4th CrossFit Affiliate in the state of Texas!   CrossFit Champions is...
    10 February 2014


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Getting Started


Free Trial Want to try us out and see if CrossFit training and our gym is right for you?


Elements Training To get started in the CrossFit Program you must complete Elements.  


Schedule & Pricing With your 2x/Week, 3x/Week or Unlimited CrossFit membership, you have the flexibility of attending any CrossFit Class on the schedule.

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